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      Uniglobe MIS

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      Master of Business Administration
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      MBA (Finance)

      Master of Business Administration in Finance
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      Bachelor of Business Administration
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      Bachelor of Business Administration - Banking & Insurance

      Admissions Open for MBA and MBA(Finance)

      Now Admissions Open forMBA and MBA(Finance)

      We don’t just give students an education and experiences that set them up for success in a career. We help them succeed in their career – to discover a field they’re passionate about and dare to lead it.

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      International Conference

      Uniglobe, the best management school in Nepal organizes international conferences each year.? It encourages young scholars to present their scholarly papers in the midst of veteran scholars.

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      Incubation Center

      The UIC was established in the year 2018 with the aim to materialize innovative ideas into real-time business. The primary objective of UIC is to support the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Nepal.?

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      Communication Lab

      Uniglobe, top-ranked management college matures better skills in its students fetching them effective business communication. It highlights the audience focused on communication.

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      Finance Lab

      Uniglobe College has designed and built a Finance lab structure with technology to support financial research and to educate business students for the financial environment of the 21st century.

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      Uniglobe Video Play

      Video Tour in Uniglobe College

      Take a tour in Uniglobe and you will find the best management college in Nepal. The video will take you to every place in this College.

      mohan_dahal - 5 safety things

      5 Safety tips while using Social Media

      21st century has been tech savvy. Digitization all over the world has made human to move into the different mediums like social media, websites, email to share the information. Moving further it has become the part of the life.
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      Self Development


      Uniglobe College collaborates with various organizations for the job placement of students of Uniglobe College. The finance lab is a corner stone for the students to get knowledge about modern techniques of finance and marketing. Uniglobe College, the best management college is developing effective and responsible leaders by creating insightful knowledge and inspiring minds.

      Self Development

      The students get change to develop their self through their rigorous presentations. They develop their communication competency by the use of communication law at Uniglobe College, the best management college. The Incubation Center, Finance lab are the added centers for students’ self-development


      Uniglobe College provides a model for management educators seeking to understand and teach spirituality. Disciplines are taught as expressions of one unified field of consciousness. Research on educational outcomes at Uniglobe College gives evidence of cognitive, affective, and moral development in students.


      Welcome Uniglobe College alumni and undergraduates! ?The Uniglobe College Alumni Association was established 2009 which aims to bring together all the graduates of the college so as to build mutual friendship and understanding among its contemporaries. It also looks forward to promoting good relationships with national as well and international organizations; creating an environment which in itself encourages fellow members to share their knowledge, thereby helping each other to grow. Uniglobe invites pass out to join in connecting with fellow classmates through College reunion activities, class reports, and alumni events. Current students can volunteer with the Uniglobe Alumni Association . It helps for innovative teaching, research, and discovery by volunteering.

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